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Southern New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Southern New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is a Partnership of Businesses and Professional Individuals Working Together to Build a Healthy Economy and Improve the Community’s Quality of Life.  We are a non-profit 501(c)(6) tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Membership dues are deductible for most Chamber members as a business expense, however, contributions to the Chamber are NOT tax deductible for federal tax purposes.  The Chamber is funded through membership dues, special events, and sponsorships.

Mission Statement

To foster an environment to promote and support business relationships and community involvement in the region.

The Chamber is Organized to Provide Business


Represent the Concerns of the Business Community


Foster an Environment that Supports Business Success


Provide Business Exposure


Facilitate the Building of Business Relationships


Promote Business Involvement in the Community and Region

Levels of Responsibility in a Volunteer Organization:


The group the organization was created to represent.


The individuals elected by the membership to direct the affairs of the Chamber and represent their interests. This is the POLICY LEVEL.


The individuals elected by the Board to serve as the organization's officers, each with specific duties. This is the DIRECTION LEVEL.


Paid employees of the Chamber that are responsible for the day to day operation of the organization. This is the MANAGEMENT LEVEL.


The membership of the Chamber working in small groups to achieve the organization's goals. This is the ACTION LEVEL.

Depot Train Station, 81 Main Street Salem, NH 03079